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Getting to the root of your drain problems

Root cutting to safeguard your drains

Do you have trees or plants near your property and noticed that your drains aren't working as efficiently as they should? It could be that the roots have started to grow into the pipes causing them to crack and leak. Even if you haven't noticed in time and they have managed to break a pipe R C Drainage Solutions can remove the root and re-line the pipe to solve the problem.

Root inspections to prevent any problems

Using our high-quality CCTV system we can inspect the pipes and find out where the roots are encroaching. Using our skill and the latest equipment we cut away the offending roots and seal the crack. We can also see where other potential problems may be and remove them before any damage is caused.


If you are in the Faversham area, or any of the surrounding areas in Kent, call RC Drainage Solutions to inspect your drains and remove any roots using our no-dig system that spares you any disruption.

For root cutting to safeguard your drains contact us on:

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