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Making sure rodents can't enter your property

Rodent control & prevention

Have you heard or seen a rat? They live in sewers but sometimes like to take detours into the drainage systems around domestic and commercial properties. Even a small defect in your drainage system can give them the opportunity to explore and be in close proximity to your home.


Along with a pest controller, the other people you need to contact are the professionals at RC Drainage Solutions to inspect every inch of your drainage system to find the rodents' source of entry and seal it. By re-lining the pipe with a hard resin we make sure that they can't get in any more.


If you hear scratching noises or suspect that a rodent may have taken a liking to your property, contact RC Drainage Solutions based in Faversham. Our attention to detail means that we will make an inch-by-inch inspection of your drainage system and eliminate their point of entry. Call us on 07745 698 280.

For rodent control by the professionals contact us on:

07745 698 280

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