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Finding out what's going on with CCTV drain surveys

Professional drain inspections

It's more than likely that the issue with your drains won't be visible above ground. By using our high quality camera equipment to make a survey we can determine exactly where there is a problem without the chaos and disruption of an excavation trench.

Camera surveys for your peace of mind

Have you just bought a property in or around Faversham and want to be sure that the drainage system isn't going to give you any nasty surprises? RC Drainage Solutions can make a CCTV survey to give you a clear idea of the state of the pipes and whether there are any cracks or potential causes of blockages.

Dye tracing with camera surveys

Even if parts of the drainage system on your property are hard to reach, that's no problem for the experienced experts at RC Drainage Solutions. We use a specialist, harmless dye to trace and establish shared water drain systems to locate the source and movement in the drain.

Dye tracing with camera surveys

We are based in Faversham and operate throughout Kent. We offer an emergency 24 hour call-out service, so if you are in Margate, Ashford, Sittingbourne or Canterbury and need a CCTV drain survey or a drain problem solving quickly, contact RC Drainage Solutions.

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