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Drain lining & re-lining

No- dig drain repairs

Do you know that you have a problem with your drains but can't bear the thought of having excavation trenches around your property? RC Drainage Solutions have a no-dig answer to fix the crack or split in the pipework by lining or re-lining the drainpipe with inflatable tubes and a long-lasting resin that will last for years.

A quick & long lasting solution

By locating the damage using our CCTV cameras, we can install a lining into the damaged pipe or joint without digging up your garden or driveway, and once the resin has set your drain is back up and working within a few hours.


If you need a worn drainpipe lining or a damaged one re-lining, the experienced experts at RC Drainage Solutions will clear out any blockages and clean the pipe with high powered water jets. We'll place the liner using our high-quality equipment and soon have the water flowing safely again without causing you disruption. If you are in Faversham, Ashford, Margate or any area in Kent, contact us for a reliable service.

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