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Fast and professional drain clearance & repairs

Got a blocked drain? If it is clogged up with leaves, silt, or accumulated fats from cooking it needs attention quickly before it becomes a health issue or backs up and causes flooding. RC Drainage Solutions are based in Faversham and able to respond promptly throughout Kent to unblock your drain before it causes further damage. We locate the issue and use high power water jetting equipment that will clear even the most stubborn obstruction.

Effective repairs without excavation

If you have damage to your drain system, or the drain has collapsed, we use our CCTV system to find out where the damage is and provide a drain patching or lining repair that will restore the flow. By using this method we cause less disruption and the cost of an excavation and replacing the pipes.

Finding the solution to the problem

Even if the problem has been caused by tree or plant roots that have grown into your drain pipes and cracked them, RC Drainage Solutions have a method to cut the roots away and fix the pipe. No matter what the issue is with the drains on your property, our name says it all- we have the solution.

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